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Active Autowerke Headers Set BMW E46 M3

Active Autowerke Headers Set BMW E46 M3

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The Active Autowerke BMW E46 M3 Header is designed to increase exhaust flow without losing power which can sometimes be a tricky proposition.

These headers are developed to create optimum flow and eliminate restriction that rob much desired horsepower. Following the famed BMW E46 M3 CSL headers, each individual header runner of the Active Autowerke header is cut to a matched equal length to ensure a consistent exhaust scavenging (tolerance in lengths vary by bends to a mean average of 10-20mm).

They are suitable for naturally aspirated and supercharged forced induction applications, Active Autowerke's BMW E46 M3 Headers are made out of 100% 304 stainless steel, making durability a worry of the past.

Take it from Robert Chang, BMWCC 2013 National Champion for C-MOD in his E46 M3 powered by the Active Autowerke headers. "...These headers help to deliver the power when needed..." You too can help unleash the hidden power in your E46 M3.

Plus, all the gasket hardware that you will need is all included.

  • Exhaust manifold gasket from the header to the cylinder head. Includes (6 BMW factory gaskets).
  • Exhaust manifold nuts from the header to the cylinder head. Includes (16 BMW factory copper locking nuts)
  • EGR gasket. Include (1 BMW factory gasket).
  • Exhaust gasket from the header to the SECTION 1 exhaust. Includes (2 BMW factory gaskets).
Quality Control.
  • Each and every BMW E46 M3 header is test fitted to an actual BMW E46 M3 motor stand. There are fixtures to simulate engine bay features like inner fender and frame rail. Oxygen sensor placements are also checked for correct interference.
  • The factory exhaust catalysts are removed in the process, making this solution recommended for off-road applications. Add on our BMW M3 Software Tune for even more power!
Optional ADD-ON.
  • Install and Active Autowerke BMW performance header or another BMW aftermarket brand connecting into your existing BMW factory exhaust system, there will be smell of un-burnt fuel, plus the added RASP like sound inherent in all BMW S54 motors.
  • Input from Karl Hugh, Head of Engineering, Active Autowerke. "...the SECTION 1 with 100 cell race style cats do not lose any power!!!! Even when we try them on the BMW E46 M3 powered with the 600 horsepower Supercharger, there is no loss in power!!!..."
  • Header system is designed for off road use and racing application only
  • M3 will have **cel** without active autowerke software upgrade
  • Will not fit RHD cars.
  • Creates optimum flow and eliminates restriction
  • Matched equal length runners delivers a consistent flow
  • Dyno Tested to provide improved HP and torque gains
  • Made from 100% 304 stainless steel construction
  • Available in a Polished or BRUSHED finish selection
  • Designed for Street and/or Track Use
  • Bolt On Design with Precise Fitment
  • BMW OEM Style fitment
  • Complete hardware, includes all necessary gaskets and nuts
  • Two year warranty
Tech Tip:
  • The four oxygen sensors are temporarily removed to install the exhaust headers. Sometimes the exact placement of these sensors are not correct, resulting in a **CHECK ENGINE ** light. Active Autowerke has created a simple, efficient schematic diagram showing the exact placement with proper connections needed for a seamless re-install.


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